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Builder, tips and tricks in Lesotho

Builder, tips and tricks in Lesotho

Why would you need a builder when you are renovating your home or just a room? Even if you have some skills to do the works by yourself, it can be very long and the result would not be as perfect as if a professional had done it.

Pay more and save money

Once you’ve decided to work with a builder, then comes the moment where you have to pick the right one. The first criteria people rely on is the price; one would easily go for the cheapest company, but is that really a smart choice? When you think about it, of course you’ll save money at first, but on the long run, you might end up paying way more! Indeed, low cost raw materials don’t last as long as high quality raw materials and aren’t as reliable. You’d rather pay more at first and then enjoy a well finished product than pay for cheap services to get bad results and start all over again 6 months later. Let’s say in the worst case there’s a problem with the work done. The after sales service of a more expensive company is more likely to be efficient and will send you a repairman quite quickly. You can be sure that you won’t get that kind of follow-up service with cheap companies.

During the works, it can be very profitable to set up a good relationship with the professional since he/she can propose you some very interesting offers and knows a lot of other professionals that you can trust.

To help you, we made a directory of some builders to help you in your researches, now you just have to choose!


Builders in Lesotho

Builders’ city (pty) ltd
Maseru, Lesotho
266 2231 1037

Felix group
Moshoeshoe Rd,Industrial Area,Maseru,Lesotho
[email protected]

Highland plant hire (pty) ltd
Moshoeshoe Rd,Industrial Area,Maseru,Lesotho
266 2231 3840

Kevcor (lesotho) (pty) ltd
274 Moshoeshoe Rd,Industrial Area,Maseru
266 2231 0165

Khoele civil & plant hire (pty) ltd
Main North 1 Ha-Tsosane Koalabata Rd,Maseru,Lesotho
[email protected]
266 2233 4033

Khotso buildware
Maseru, Lesotho
266 2231 0561

Logistic hub & plant hire
Maseru, Lesotho
266 2832 5914

Malebo transport & plant hire (pty) ltd
Maseru, Lesotho
266 2833 2725

Mothabeng transport
Mothabeng Estates Main North 1,Khubetsoana,Maseru,Lesotho
266 2233 5687

Super hardware & furniture
Maseru, Lesotho
266 2231 3133

Tim plant hire
Main North 1 Ha-Foso,Maseru,Lesotho
[email protected]
266 2833 2533

Transmount plant hire
Maseru, Lesotho
266 2832 3010

Tripart office solutions
1 Mothamo Hse,Main South 1,Maseru,Lesotho
266 2231 2211


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