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Katse Village Revitalization: LHDA’s Million-Dollar Investment

Katse Village Revitalization: LHDA’s Million-Dollar Investment


The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) is spearheading a transformative initiative in Katse Village with a hefty building contract worth one hundred thirty-one million. This marks the commencement of one of four house-building contracts, focusing on enhancing infrastructure in key areas.

Comprehensive Renovations

The awarded contract encompasses a holistic renovation plan for Katse Village, including the construction of a new lodge accommodation block, a fitness center, conference rooms, a motel, and upgrades to backpackers’ facilities.

The scope extends to single-quarters lodging and parking areas, addressing the needs of the workforce involved in the Polihali Transfer Tunnel construction and development organization staff.

Tourism Boost: Catalysts for Growth in Lesotho’s Highlands

Beyond infrastructure upgrades, the project aims to enhance the tourist experience in the region. With the Polihali Dam development in focus, the renovations and modifications anticipate accommodating a growing number of visitors.

The project aligns with the region’s potential to attract more tourists, building on the popularity of destinations like the dam and botanical gardens in the early 2000s.

Phase Two Explained

Phase Two of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) emerges as a pivotal chapter. Completed in 2003, Phase One’s success paved the way for Phase Two, set to elevate annual water delivery from seven hundred eighty million to one billion two hundred seventy million cubic meters.

This expansion not only ensures water supply to South Africa’s Gauteng region but also bolsters Lesotho’s hydroelectricity generation through the Muela hydropower complex, marking a significant step towards local power autonomy.

In essence, this ambitious venture encompasses not only the physical transformation of Katse Village but also aligns with broader regional goals, leveraging tourism potential and bolstering water and power capabilities for a sustainable future in Lesotho.


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