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Top restaurants in Maseru in Lesotho

Top restaurants in Maseru in Lesotho

People have always viewed restaurants as a place of having breakfast, lunch or dinner or a location for hosting crucial meetings. Some of the restaurants in Maseru denies that notion and delivers above their expectations at times. However, most of them work to satisfy their primary target. The following are some of the restaurants in Maseru Lesotho.

Regal restaurant

It’s mostly preferred by the business people and politicians for its strict provision of Indian delicacies. Located on the first floor of the Indian restaurant, Regal is built with a Basotho hat style. The hotel serves classic foods like korma, Madras, veget and rogan josh all of which are Indian dishes.


The workers here are generous and humble. The restaurant is mostly attended by local business people and aid workers. The hotel is situated in Lancer’s Inn hotel.

No.7 Restaurant

The restaurant is operated by a football related non-governmental organization. Profit generated from No.7 is redirected to charitable work like training young locals for a career in hospitality.

Oh La La

The restaurant offers a pleasant atmosphere where locals and expats meet and mix quickly. The restaurant is more of Spanish, and most of their dishes are always sandwiches, crepes, pastries, and salads.

Piri Piri

The restaurant serves food close to Maseru Sun which ofers Portuguese menu. Mozambique and South African dishes are served at this restaurant. Some of the food served in the restaurant includes steaks, seafood, feijoada and Piri-Piri chicken.


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