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A Unique House for a Unique Place

A Unique House for a Unique Place

In Eastern Canada, located in Nova Scotia, a peaceful lake named the Bras d’Or Lake is the perfect place to build a house.

The architect Nicholas Fudge design a simple dwelling just in front of this inland sea with separate public and private realms and of course with respect for nature.

This home is made up of three distinctive part all connected by a hallway, and the shape of these will create the impression of broad prospective. Mr. Fudge describes: “Each wing begins modestly, with the lower end of an exaggerated shed roof anchored in the forest. As each volume approaches the water, the ceiling rises consistently and the views of the lake and distant shore unfold into the expansive floor-to-ceiling mahogany windows.”

The entrance is located in the central wing and also serves as office. Furthermore, this part of the house linked both private and public rooms. You also need to know that this house was prefabricated off-site in order to limit the time of exposition of the structure to the elements.

High ceilings, clean lines, wooden furniture, all this makes this place very modern and pleasant to live. Moreover, this house has no vis-à-vis, it is thus located in a relatively calm zone. In other words, the perfect place to rest with peace of mind.


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