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Best destinations in Lesotho for Holidays

Best destinations in Lesotho for Holidays

For you to gain maximum from your holiday tours, you need prior knowledge of your destination. The prior insight of what you’re likely to find at the visiting place is paramount. Lesotho is one of the countries with rich tourist attraction sites. Once you visit some specific areas in Lesotho, you’ll have the urge to revisit it.  Here are just but a few places that are frequently visited in Lesotho;

Katse Botanica Garden

The area was initially set aside to protect spiral aloe that was displaced by the construction of Katse dam. The garden has changed to be vital in tourism as compared to the previous years. The area has native flowers, gravel, a medicine section, and it offers a viewpoint to the dam. A greenhouse was set up in the place to assist in plant propagation.

Upper Quthing

Upper Quthing

The place located in a hilly area. It was the operational base for the colonialist. This is an ideal place for those who need a quiet environment. The view to the sloping side is appealing with the presence of dilapidated buildings.

Morija Arts and Cultural Festivals

The place has always received a high number of tourists, especially from South Africa annually just to have a view of the prestigious Lesotho culture. The Sotho culture takes place annually either late September or early October for three weeks. The festival gives the locals an opportunity to prove their diversity in their culture through songs, jazz and electronic music, dance among others.

Cultural Village

Renovated in 2016, the cultural village is well maintained making it a must-visit place. It has tour guides who are well versed in the Basotho culture and history. Hotels around the area offer the best traditional delicacies.

Setsoto Design

The Setsoto Design is located next to a preparatory school which helps in motivating children. The project created employment opportunities for 60 local women. It presents opportunities to the residents to give their designs to be turned into a finished product.

With many other beautiful scenes like the village of Thetsane, Mokorotlo, Northwestern Lesotho, and Siloxane Village Dinosaur Footprints, the area is a hub for economic growth in Africa.


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